Hargrave St

The brief for the Hargrave street project was simple. The client wanted more natural light, privacy from neighbours, contemporary but timeless finishes, a large double garage on an elevated terrace and a plunge pool in a small courtyard. 

Our design team smartly broke down the bulk of the garage through a beautiful interplay of layered landscaping, textures and splayed form. A very skinny, low steel vetoing wall gave the opportunity for a little garden bed on the lower level. Once established, this garden will spill over the edge of the retaining wall and soften the view.

The next layer of the garage is a horizontal band of recycled painted bricks providing a lovely sense of texture and play with the natural light. Finally, a beautiful band of form concrete which is splayed to create a crisp edge to the top of the garage and support another layer of rooftop garden. Combined it creates the perfect backdrop to a small courtyard space. A series of small rafters running through the skylight void provides privacy from the neighbour's upper story windows. The rafters continue from inside to outside and connect to the garage which visually ties the design together and creates a lovely inside/outside transition.

The internal palette was kept simple. Con-crete floors, white joinery with accents of oak and natural stone on work surfaces. Again, this refined selection of materials were used to play as a backdrop to the client's beautiful collection of artwork and furniture.