Our Process

Modify acknowledges that designing and developing your most prized asset can be overwhelming. Our business concept is designed to effectively manage the entire process, from start to finish, seamlessly, for you to enjoy rather than fear. Our team is committed to bringing to life our client’s vision through innovative strategies, strong research, and advanced design solutions. Modify has gained a local reputation for creating and transforming homes in and around the eastern area by stretching boundaries in urban architecture, design, and construction.

With such a significant amount of time and money being devoted to such a renovation, we have carved a streamlined method that provides clients with an upfront and clear cost plan prior to lodgement of DA approval. Clients receive a detailed cost management plan for their renovation, ultimately minimizing any surprises during the design phase. As a result, projects are completed within the time frame agreed, and to budget.

Our integrated team of senior Architects, Interior Designers, and Construction Managers ensure the transition is seamless across all aspects of the design and build. Our fixed fees for design and flat prices for construction offer clients the ability to shift their budget where they see fit. Our process allows clients to pre-plan construction commencement dates, ensuring projects are starting and ending in the time frame that suits them.

Our design team is unique, they ensure their design style fits the client’s wants and needs while still providing an educated and professional outlook on the renovation. This leads to ensuring the client is receiving the best value for money while still achieving a great outcome. Such quality renovations are only successful through transparent and reliable process management, from conception to completion. 


Interior Design

Our team of Interior designers delivers the job of producing a beautiful home that portrays unique traits and tastes to the individuals who will be living there. Many of our clients have already navigated the DA process but require assistance in making their space feel warm, inviting, and homely. This step is often overlooked, but our experienced and inventive interior stylists and design team can provide our clients with an independent yet practical experience to ensure their interior vision is brought to life. Our designers turn a house into a home a ensure clients realize their dream interiors using unique furnishings and features.  Investing in your home at this stage will ensure that your home is well resolved and a pleasure to live in. Our design team is closely integrated with our architects to ensure that their choices combined with the blueprint offered by our architecture team link the rooms and key living spaces together for a seamless, yet functional finish.


Our architects are highly experienced in their field. They problem-solve and configure the space to incorporate all your wants as a homeowner while maintaining functionality. Having an in-house Architect working alongside our builders, not only simplifies the process but it eliminates any disruption you would experience by using multiple outlets on one renovation project. Our team will work with you to develop a home that Is uniquely yours, complimenting your style and needs. Our architects will take care of this process for you, perfecting the design and generating a model suitable for your designated space.





Our design team continues its involvement in the renovation through the construction process to ensure a harmonious transition. As a result, our clients can be assured that the delivery of the final project has been well managed to plan. Our construction team is highly experienced and professional delivering projects efficiently and within budget, remaining involved and dedicated for the duration of the renovation.

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