We are by your side from concept to completion.

At Modify our aim is to always make the renovation process seamless and enjoyable for our clients. We can manage everything from concept design and submitting Development Applications to choosing interiors and construction. We work with select professionals who we know can deliver your expectations. These consultants may include architects or draftspersons, landscape architects, and interior designers.

Here is a basic summary of the main steps involved in a renovation, contact us if you would like to talk about your new home:

Stage 1 // Design Brief and Initial Sketch Drawings

We liaise between you and an architect or a draftsperson to make sure they have a clear picture of what you want. Initial concept plans will be prepared for you to review and approve.

Approximate timeframe: 4-6 weeks

Stage 2 // Survey Plan

We’ll do a survey plan of your property to help with drawing up detailed plans and for preparing your Development Application (DA)

Approximate timeframe: 3 weeks (concurrent with Stage 1)

Stage 3 // Construction Cost Plan

We do a detailed construction cost plan early on so you can make important decisions about your renovation. It’s a vital step that saves costs and time delays later on. Amendments can easily be made to these concept plans before Development Application plans are drawn up.

Approximate timeframe: 2 weeks

Stage 4 // 3D model of approved plans

Many of our clients choose to have a 3D model of the concept plans so they get a really clear picture of what their renovation will look like. The 3D model helps you confirm your plans are what you want, or helps identify things you want to adjust.

Approximate timeframe: 2 weeks (concurrent with Stage 3)

Stage 5 // DA Documentation

This is mainly an admin stage. We develop the concept plans in the detail required for your application to council. We’ll include all the supporting reports your council needs to assess your application. We’re highly experienced in dealing with DAs and ensuring a positive outcome.

Approximate timeframe: 13 weeks

Stage 6 // Construction Certificate (CC) and Tender Documents

Once we have DA consent from your council, the plans need to be refined further for the Construction Certificate (CC) to be issued. Then a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) is appointed to issue the CC and oversee the project’s construction. We’ll look after all of this for you.

Approximate timeframe: 4 weeks

Stage 7 // Selecting fittings and finishes

This is where you decide interior items like fittings, joinery, lighting and flooring. We’ll spend time with you, presenting options and making sure you’re happy with your choices. It’s an exciting but important stage that defines how your new home will look.
This stage can run at the same time as 5 and 6 to save time.

Approximate timeframe: 4 weeks

Stage 8 // Construction

We work with our sister company, Profile Property Group to carry out the renovation. They have extensive experience in residential construction. The owner and director works closely with his project managers to make sure your expectations are met. You’ll receive daily progress reports from the site foreman.

Timeframe depends on scope of work.